The Little Indie That Could

Made by a rag tag crew of filmmakers and artists, Beasts of the Southern Wild was financed with the help of grants, film institutes and non-profit financiers, Cinereach. While the motivation for making the film was never about how it would perform at the box office, this week's Business Insider, takes a closer look at the financial breakdown of how a small, independent film like Beasts can still perform alongside big blockbuster studio movies.

"The little indie that could was produced for a mere $1.5 million and pulled off a worldwide gross of $12.3 million. Though perfectly respectable for an avant-garde picture with no stars, that final tally is a far cry from blockbuster status. Indeed, it’s the lowest grossing film among all the nominees, but it still represents the biggest return on investment for its producers. The film made more than seven times its budget -- a better return even than “Life of Pi,” which is tops in terms of total box office among all the Best Picture nominees."

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