Beasts of the Southern Wild on Fatherhood

Beasts of the Southern Wild was recently nominated by the National Fatherhood Initiative for the 2012 Fatherhood Movie of the Year. The relationship between Wink and Hushpuppy, and more specifically, Wink's parenting skills, has been a divisive topic in conversation with varying opinions and outcomes. Though, not everyone will agree with the National Fatherhood Initiative's take on the character, it certainly serves as a good starting point for discussion.

From their review:

Early in the film, we see that Wink is very hard on his daughter, Hushpuppy, played brilliantly by newcomer Quvenzhané Wallis (also nominated for an Oscar). He yells at her, expects her to fend for herself despite her very young age, and even beats her. In a particularly difficult scene, he slaps her repeatedly to the ground.

It is what Hushpuppy makes of this situation that holds an incredibly valuable lesson for fathers. Despite the mistreatment, Hushpuppy very clearly loves her dad and she knows that he loves her, despite his inability to effectively express it. This is critical for fathers to understand, especially dads who are facing particularly difficult circumstances. 

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