Blogger Linda Leinen on Beasts and Serendipity

Blogger Linda Leinen
Blogger Linda Leinen

In a stroke of pure serendipity (okay, Google alerts) we came across Linda Leinen's thoughtful post on how watching Beasts of the Southern Wild inspired her to embark on a personal exploration of her own family's journey.

She shares tales of her great great grandpa David Crowley, who rode out part of his Civil War military service in our home state of Louisiana, and the mysterious discovery of her family crest.


"It bears a certain resemblance to an auroch, which raises some questions," she writes. "Could that be Grandpa David standing nose to nose with Hushpuppy in The Bathtub? Did Confederate forces experience the Union Army as beasts from the North? Have I found the explanation for my inordinate fondness for hushpuppies?"

Read her whole piece here.

Film Forward Discussion Guides

At the beginning of the year, Beasts of the Southern Wild was selected to participate the Sundance Institute's Film Forward program. "FILM FORWARD is an international touring program designed to enhance greater cultural understanding, collaboration and dialogue around the globe by engaging audiences through the exhibition of films, workshops and conversations with filmmakers."

Through the program, we've been able to share the film with audiences around the world in Jordan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more. Part of Film Forward's initiative is not only to share films with global audiences but also to encourage dialogue and conversation.

Our friends at Film Forward were kind enough to share their discussion guides with the entire Beasts family. Feel free to use these resources as a guideline in your film group, classroom, church or wherever Beasts is talked about. The PDF's are available for download below:

Film Forward Discussion Guide - Basic discussion questions to kick start conversation about the themes within the film

Film Forward Activation Activities - Generated for classrooms but applicable to anyone, these activation activities help trigger discussion about how the film and its themes relate to viewers on a personal level.

Is Beasts an Eco Fairy Tale?

The rising waters of the untamed Louisiana bayou, melting polar ice caps, and the emergence of apocalyptic Aurochs are images that have defined the film and inspired conversations about climate change and the environment.  Environmental blog Care 2 recently wrote about Beasts of the Southern Wild, focusing on the environmental elements of the film:

The movie set in southern Louisiana and more than a few statements about climate change are placed in Hushpuppy’s mouth. “Everything has to fit together just right. If it doesn’t, it all falls apart,” she says. These words can be applied to a discussion about how our burning of fossil fuels can be linked to the the lessening sea ice in the Arctic and other world-wide effects of global warming.

Do you agree with Care 2's analysis of the film? What is Hushpuppy referring to in the above referenced quote?

Read the full article here.