Beasts of the Southern Wild -The Prague Post

The plot is almost secondary to the cohesive network of very naturalistic overtones onscreen, though the events are certainly significant. Around the time of a hurricane, which may or may not be Katrina, on a bayou around New Orleans called "The Bathtub," Hushpuppy and Wink do their best to survive the daily turmoil of living in poverty. As Hushpuppy's mother is no longer with them, the girl speaks to her mother's clothes, which seem to speak back in very unsentimental tones.

The film contains one of the most tension-laden hurricane scenes this reviewer has ever seen. Short though it is, the film's hurricane scene, mostly relying on the soundtrack and a constant rush of water from the ceiling of Hushpuppy's and Wink's makeshift shack in the forest, packs a punch and reminds us of the profound effect a strong soundtrack can have on the audience.

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