Big Time Beasts

When we first met Quvenzhané "Nazie" Wallis she was a five-year-old school girl in Houma, Louisiana. She wasn't a professional actress but she dazzled us with her heart and her strength and she carried an entire film on her back. Now she has people all over the world singing her praises, she's shaking hands with Spiderman and isn't afraid to tell Jay Leno what's up.

Beasts too is showing alongside superheroes and comic-book stars at multiplexes all across the country!

We're in theaters big and small (check Where's Beasts Playing Next for the complete list), but the list below shows the latest list of multiplex theaters. If any of these are near you, or to friends and family you'd like to share Beasts with, showing up and spreading the word will make sure Beasts comes through as strong as we all know it can.