Is Beasts an Eco Fairy Tale?

The rising waters of the untamed Louisiana bayou, melting polar ice caps, and the emergence of apocalyptic Aurochs are images that have defined the film and inspired conversations about climate change and the environment.  Environmental blog Care 2 recently wrote about Beasts of the Southern Wild, focusing on the environmental elements of the film:

The movie set in southern Louisiana and more than a few statements about climate change are placed in Hushpuppy’s mouth. “Everything has to fit together just right. If it doesn’t, it all falls apart,” she says. These words can be applied to a discussion about how our burning of fossil fuels can be linked to the the lessening sea ice in the Arctic and other world-wide effects of global warming.

Do you agree with Care 2's analysis of the film? What is Hushpuppy referring to in the above referenced quote?

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