Meet Laura and Gus!

Dear Fellow Beasts! You're on this site because Beasts of the Southern Wild is more than a movie to you.  You're not alone! To us, Beasts represents an authentic, fearless and inclusive way of filmmaking that we believe in deeply.

When people leave the theater after watching Beasts, they return from a world that's completely fictional, but speaks about the people, places and ideas that beat in their own hearts. It speaks about home, identity, history, mythology, and survival, in a uniquely powerful and personal way.

This film was generated through the sheer force of a mighty community, one as resilient as The Bathtub itself. It needs an even bigger community to make its way out into the world and get seen. We joined the fold to make that happen.

If you want to help, Seeing the film as soon as it opens near you is great. Even better, bring others with you using our Organize Tool.

We've already heard from folks all over the country, including:

Bonnie Kyburz, in Provo, UT, a Professor of Rhetoric and New Media. She plans to bring her summer class to see and discuss Beasts in Salt Lake City.

Adrienne Anderson, from San Francisco, CA, Director of the International Black Women’s Film Festival. She invited her community to see the film together. A surprise visit from Beasts Producer Josh Penn made her event extra special.

Mark Goudy, a resident of Houma, LA. He attended the New Orleans Essence Music Festival and passed out Beasts flyers to promote the film coming to theaters among festival attendees.

Just use our Organize Tool to start your own event, and we'll get in touch to make sure you have what you need.

Thanks for clicking and welcome to The Bathtub!

Laura and Gus

Beasts of the Southern Wild Outreach Coordinators