Watch Party at Sweet Lorraine's

Our New Orleans watch party at Sweet Lorraine's was a blast. A huge thank you to Marianna, our amazing outreacher who organized the party with Dwight Henry.

There were some incredible highlights, from everyone in the bar chanting "Beast it!" to the cheers whenever group shots with a lot of people from the film were shown.

The occasion turned out to be a great reunion for cast and crew who hadn't seen each other since the premiere in NOLA. Everyone got to rehash memories, marvel in all that's happened, and celebrate together. As Lowell Landes said, "You know how with any job, there's always one person that's a fly in the ointment because they don't shower, or they're mean--well there was no fly in the ointment this time.  Everyone was great, it was a great group of people to work with."

On a similar note, to all of our friends down South who are dealing with preparations for Hurricane Isaac, we're sending safe thoughts and love.

Check out pictures from Sweet Lorraines below!