The Nonprofit Behind Beasts

The making of Beasts of the Southern Wild has become a bit of an industry fairytale on its own. Conceived by two childhood friends, created by a group of artists, filmmakers and friends, shot on the fringe of the world with a cast of first time actors including a baker and a six year old child, Beasts was a up hill journey that took almost half a decade to make.  Part of the fable also includes a nonprofit organization and film production company, Cinereach, who financed the bulk of the Beasts budget.

Nonprofit Quarterly takes a closer look at the organization that helped bring Beasts to the big screen: 

Few in Hollywood have paid much attention to these nonprofit film companies, which are Davids among the Goliaths of the major studios. But, particularly with the attention to Beasts of the Southern Wild, perhaps we’re witnessing a change. Perhaps these smaller nonprofits—willing to take risks that the Hollywood market system might never green light, such as a film without professional actors—will begin to attract more attention for their ability to serve as bastions of true art in film.

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