Bathtub Artists

Above illustration by Julian Birchman. Beasts was made with the fundamental belief that a creative community of friends is the best recipe for good art. From songs to poems to paintings, we've been totally in awe of the art that people have produced in response to our film.  We're slowly building an archive of all the different Beasts-inspired art and media that we've come across online, check out a selection below!  

Mixed media by Tracy Blanchard.

Digital painting by Helena McGill.

Auroch painting by Kathryn Vita.

Instagram by Morgan Marinoff.

Digital painting by Lisa Jane Persky.

Drawing by Chris Melberger.

Painting by Heather Murray.

Auroch drawing by activateharpoon.

Drawing by Jess Chen and Sierra Ulrich

Illustration by Jorge Melgoza.

We want to see what you've made!

If Beasts inspired you to make something, we'd be honored to share in that. Email us documentation — photos, videos, writing, etc. — at