Quickflix interviews Benh Zeitlin

Going back to Quvenzhané, were you concerned at all about dragging, I believe, a then six-year-old girl through some pretty emotional trials? It's a tough part. BZ: Yeah, you know, it was a real long process of trying to make sure that she felt comfortable going to those places and it took a little bit of work. Figuring out the way that she felt comfortable stepping into some of those scenes. There eventually had to be - and this had to do with the casting of Dwight - we weren't going to be able to do the film with method acting, and just completely... we weren't able to have someone play Wink that was going to be in character all the time; [where] even when we'd call cut, he'd be kind of scary and tough on her. But Dwight is this incredibly sweet man, so even in these scenes where he'd be so harsh on her and so angry, the moment we would call cut, he would go back to his wonderful self. That really helped her a lot; just knowing that we were playing make believe and she could go back to the real world. The minute we would cut the camera, it was back to having fun and playing games.

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